ive been wearing my jeans sorta high waisted for about a year now and the semi permanent crease between my hips and thighs from wearing low cut jeans my whole life is almost gone


*needs subtitles because constantly eating crunchy foods*

today i thought i saw a lady with a “Fart Loading…” shirt on but it just said “Please Wait…Loading…” and nothing else

maybe it was like a pregnancy shirt? because the words were like right on her stomach, but the lady was like mid fiftys at least

does this icon make me funnier

YouTube comments are like the 10th circle of hell, they are their own made up circle

so i got HBO Go tonight?? for free? like i literally signed up and chose my cable provider and done

i always get nervous before sending a snap chat



basically my hair needs to look like Lil from Squidbillies….

i think im getting a double chin

should i feel bad about not texting someone back?

ugh this one guy i used to work with is trying to get me to sell tickets to this hair show for him and im like “ehh no”

just my onion but people with un-natural colored hair are kinda gross because half of them wash their hair like once a week