Excited to finally try this

Excited to finally try this


Dolce and Gabbana F/W 2005 runway featuring Chloe Sevigny


*does everything obsessively*

like semi (actually a lot) freaking out about my dentist appointment tomorrow

Glad to see these two ladies again!

Glad to see these two ladies again!


people that have been on tumblr for 4+ years and still manage to get 0 notes on their posts

hi yeah hello

"A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." - Diane Arbus

it only takes me a month now to go through 360 capsules of 1000mg of B8

2000-2005 was like the reality TV peak! Anna Nicole Smith Show, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Trading Spaces, The Simple Life etc!

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy was like the best show ever

hmm at first i thought kylie jenner didnt have injections because you could see her lip liner outside of her lips but now she def has injections

thinking about #MakingADrink and watching #ProjectRunway