Color experiments

i would pay someone at least $20 to come and do my hair and makeup for me while i layed in bed (not including tip)

theres this radio we have outside attached to our house wall and we dont know how to change the channel and it used to play this r&b station and now it just plays this conspiracy theory station

breakfast is my favorite


wait, Brad and Angelina were living in sin ALL THIS TIME???


ive been meaning to post this all weekend: dont buy lavender scented toilet paper


Busted! A Coworker Who Never Dresses Up Thought He Could Wear Nice Clothes And Not Have Everyone Make A Big Deal Out Of It
*runs away from self-awareness*

i wish i could erase like everything i did from birth-2011 like i am so embarrassed and truly sorry but like doesnt everyone feel like that kinda? am i the only one that stays up at night going through every memory i have and cringing so hard into a cocoon until im so exhausted from thinking that i just fall asleep

damn lil wayne used to be soo good like I Feel Like Dying and Lisa Marie were like damn

i get all emo and i think about like people dying and like how small little things remind me of so much thats why im like a low key hoarder like “that reminds me of something!! what if I forget!!” and like i think about when people close to me do die i wont even be able to handle it like i cant even throw away a note they sent me idk im so dumb and nostalgic!

man i love cover songs